Tight Head – Uncoated


Tight Head / Closed Top (Uncoated)

This drum also known as barrel is typically used for storing low viscosity fluids. They are applicable for lubricants, petrochemicals and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Steel thickness range 0.9mm-1.2mm.
  • Triple seamed ends.
  • UN approved.
  • Electrically welded vertical seam.
  • All drums are subjected to helium leak testing.
  • Internally coated.
  • W-Bead.
  • Equipped with closures.
  • Standard Domed Bottom (SDB) comes designed to resist stress cracking.
  • With or without corrugations.
  • ISO dimensions to optimize transport.
Tight Head Uncoated 1


  • An ideal package for storing/transporting hazardous chemicals.
  • Used for storing solvents.
  • Can be used to store liquid materials for the food industry.