About us


Your gateway to high quality specialty chemicals and steel drums

Pacegate Limited is the exclusive distributor of Adipro lubricant additives & the leading manufacturer of steel drums in Nigeria. The Group has been serving Nigeria since 1979.

Adipro has a large portfolio of lubricant additives covering the industrial, automotive, and marine sectors. Adipro lubricant additives are manufactured in India and the U.A.E. 
Pacegate’s state-of-the-art steel drums factory is located in Ilupeju, Lagos on a 4-acre property. The manufacturing plant is one of Africa’s largest fully automated plants with a capacity to produce 5000 Steel Drums per day. Our Steel Drums are supplied to the lubricant, chemical, agriculture, and paint sectors.

We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver on our commitments to our clients. We have an extensive logistics infrastructure that allows us to deliver just in time to our clients.

Our Vision

Our ultimate purpose at Pacegate Limited is to create environments that permit the shift in collective consciousness of businesses and the communities in which they operate, to one that is sustainable and responsible in the long run.

Our Mission

We will live up to our values, walk the talk, serve as an example to many and by doing so, we will co-create an inspiring place to contribute, to stay, to grow and to care.

Our Core Values

Pacegate is focused on serving organizations in the natural resources sector. We care about our planet earth.