Open Top – Uncoated


Open Top (With No Coat)

Open top drum type is used mostly by the chemical industry for semi-solid materials like greases. It is also the choice packaging for bulk paints, inks etc.


  • Steel thickness range 0.9mm-1.2mm.
  • Diameter 610mm over closing ring.
  • From 216 liters (55 gallons) capacity.
  • W-Bead.
  • With or without corrugations.
  • Lever-lock or bolt-ring locking bands.
  • Standard Domed Bottom (SDB) comes designed to resist stress cracking.
  • UN approved.
  • ISO dimensions to optimize transport.


  • An ideal package for storing semi-solid chemicals.
  • Used for storing greases.
  • Use for storing bulk paints, ink e.t.c.