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Adipro Chemicals through its CSR arm, Evolve works with our distributors via our S-Connect, C-Connect and U-Connect platforms. Each platform empowers individuals in different age groups in the communities we operate.


S-connect is a school connect program. It was inspired by the project drawdown where top scientists have come together and researched projects to help curb global warming. The study was titled “Project Drawdown”.


Our inspiration has come from two (2) of those studies which were ranked 6th (educating Women) & 7th (Family Planning) out of 100 in making an impact on reducing the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Our focus is supporting children education by providing them supplies (such as uniforms, pens, sandals & school bags) and teaching the children practice heartfulness relaxation to allow them connect and center themselves.


C-connect is a Corporate Connect program. Evolve has partnered with Adizes Institute based in California, USA to help Corporates & its communities to transform themselves.

Corporates have experienced the Adizes transformation & we would like to share this knowledge with as many co-operations that are ready to receive this wisdom.



U- connect is our Universities Connect Program

At the core of our CSR is the Hearthfulness Relaxation
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