Open Top – Lacquer Coated


Open Top - Lacquer Coated

This drum is the open top type that is internally coated with either food-grade or chemical-grade lacquer. The drum is used for packaging food grains, tomato puree, mango pulp, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and fine chemicals where the purity of the product is of great importance.


  • Steel thickness range 0.9mm-1.2mm.
  • Diameter 610mm over closing ring.
  • From 216 liters (55 gallons) capacity.
  • W-Bead.
  • Internally coated.
  • With or without corrugations.
  • Lever-lock or bolt-ring locking bands.
  • Standard Domed Bottom (SDB) comes designed to resist stress cracking.
  • UN approved.
  • ISO dimensions to optimize transport.


  • Ideal storage and transportation of farm produce such as mango pulp, tomato puree, paw-paw puree, pineapple puree, orange puree, apple puree, dry grains, soya lecithin and many more. Most of these fruits will require aseptic bags.
  • It can also be used for storing pharmaceutical products.
  • It is applicable for storing agrochemical products.