Lubricant Additives


Lubricant Additives

Pacegate Limited is the exclusive representative of Adipro lubricant additives and specialty chemicals in Nigeria.


  • Extensive market share of additives.
  • Sole representative of Adipro chemicals.
  • Reliable supplier of additives to major oil blenders.
  • Minimum of three months inventory for our clients
  • PG Labs, a dedicated commercial ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for lubes testing.
  • Company-owned fleet of trucks for timely delivery.

Adipro Lubricant Additives Types

  • Engine Oils (API SP, SM, SN, SN PLUS, SL, CK4, CI4, CI4 PLUS, CH4, CF4 & CD).
  • Automatic Transmission Fluids (DII & III).
  • Antifoams.
  • Components.
  • Pour point Depressants.
  • TBN Boosters (both Ca & Mg based).
  • V.I. Improvers (Solid & Liquid SSI from 22-45).
  • Farm Tractor Fluids.

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